Local contact

A key technique in long-term conflict prevention is the “open door” that OSCE field operations provide a place for:

  • Individuals and groups to inform the OSCE staff of their grievances

  • Regular contact with local civil society organizations (CSOs) depending on the mandate (see developing civil society section below)

OSCE contact with individuals, human rights activists, and CSOs helps to build up civil society—a necessary component of a democratic society. Local contact also helps to spread democratic values and information on human rights to governments and individuals. 

  • ODIHR implements a project to support Human Rights Defenders. When FOs host delegations they meet with the CSOs a on the ground to hear from those people about their country’s compliance to OSCE commitments

  • The FOs feed into the processes of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting HDIM and at the Parallel Civil Society Conference on the side of the annual OSCE Ministerial Conferences.