Example framework : Answers

Answers to the framework questions are provided below.


Who are the primary actors?

Khojandis/Northerners, Kulobis/Southerners

Secondary actors?

Democratic, Islamic and Nationalist movements; Uzbeks

Who else has been involved?

Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uzbekistan, American-Russian academic team

Root causes

What was the driving or motivating the primary parties to the conflict?


What were their underlying fears?

Losing access to the country’s political and economic spoils

Issues, scope, and stage of the conflict

What phase is the conflict in right now?


Who is suffering or most affected among the population?


What is at stake in the conflict?

Political control of the country

Power, resources, and relationships

What resources and capacity does each side possess?


What relationships exist among the leaders?


What communication channels exist?


History of the relationship and peacemaking efforts

Was there a time when the parties coexisted peacefully?

During Soviet rule

What changed?

Collapse of the Soviet Union

What were previous attempts at settlement, including those by non-state actors, and why did they fail?

Unofficial dialogue conducted by U.S. -Russian academic team

Was there a pattern to the failures?