The Economy

The economy is in an abysmal condition. A majority live under the poverty line and most people’s wages don’t cover their basic needs. They survive thanks to their garden plots. Many seek work abroad, often illegally.  Destinations include Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Israel.  According to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report, more than one-quarter of Moldova’s economically active population works abroad.


According to the Moldova Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure's Transport and Logistics Strategy 2013-2022 (released in 2013), more than 70% of national roads in the country are in a bad or very bad state.  This not only impacts on economic development, but also serious affects the rural population's access to social, medical and education services.For its part, almost 80% of the 1,000 km rail network's control system is in a critical state.