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Area 5,400 square miles.
Natural resources Bauxite, hydroelectricity
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Population 653,474 (2013 est.)
Ethnic groups Montenegrin 43%, Serbian 32%, Bosniak 8%, Albanian 5%, Others (Muslims, Croats, Roma) 12%
Religions Orthodox 70%, Muslim 15%
Languages Serbian


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Capital Podgorica
System of government Parliamentary republic
Head of state Filip Vujanovic
Currency Euro

Montenegrin society was historically organized in clans and relied on a pastoral economy. Blood feuds were commonplace, as in Northern Albania. This is one of the reasons for the commonly held view in the Balkans that Montenegrin men are prone to violence. Montenegro was the birthplace of one of Tito's most famous aides, Milovan Đilas, who became a dissident. He describes his Montenegrin childhood and family history in Land without Justice, and wrote a classic critique of communism in The New Class.