OSCE Presence in Albania

The OSCE Presence in Albania is headed by Ambassador Florian Raunig. Its primary focuses include:

  1. Arms control: The OSCE assists in the elimination of excess arms and dangerous chemicals.
  2. Combating human trafficking: The OSCE works between the Albanian government and civil society to develop strategies to prevent and prosecute human traffickers while providing protection and relief for victims.
  3. Democratization: The OSCE targets transparency and accountability in Albania by facilitating communication between members of parliament and their constituencies. The OSCE also conducts advocacy work to promote political participation.
  4. Elections: One of the key goals of the OSCE Presence in Albania is election reform. The OSCE evaluates existing procedures and provides trainings to election administrators to improve the reliability of voting.
  5. Environmental activities: The OSCE advises Albania on environmental policy and legislation and supports public participation and transparency in environmental decision-making.
  6. Gender equality: The OSCE seeks to improve women’s political participation by strengthening gender mechanisms and promoting a higher degree of gender-related legislation.
  7. Good governance: The OSCE targets corruption in Albania by providing ethics training for government officials. Additionally, the OSCE advises the government on anti-corruption legislative reform and processes of decentralization.
  8. Human rights: The OSCE’s human rights work in Albania focuses on the nation’s prisons and personal rights, particularly with respect to minority groups. The OSCE addresses these issues through training and advocacy.
  9. Media freedom and development: The OSCE provides support to technological media development and monitors the implementation of media legislation.
  10. Policing: The OSCE provides training for police in Albania to improve adherence to international standards with respect to domestic and border patrolling.
  11. Rule of law: The OSCE provides monitoring assistance to legislative and judicial processes in addition to reform expertise.