OSCE Programme Office in Astana

The OSCE Programme Office in Astana targets security issues in Kazakhstan. Led byAmbassador Natalia Zarudna, the Office deals specifically with the following areas:

  1. Border management: The OSCE conducts trainings for border security officials in Kazakhstan in order to bolster boundaries and prevent transnational crime.
  2. Combating human trafficking: In Kazakhstan, the OSCE supports victims’ rights and provides training and advice for law enforcement and legislators to adequately prevent and persecute trafficking crimes.
  3. Economic activities: To promote economic development in Kazakhstan, the OSCE focuses on fighting economic corruption, facilitating trade, and improving the ease of doing business.
  4. Environmental activities: The OSCE promotes regional cooperation with respect to environmental issues, which predominately include resource management of water and oil.
  5. Gender equality: The OSCE advocates for gender equality by working between government agencies and civil society to improve women’s access to economic and political opportunities for engagement and participation.    
  6. Human rights: The OSCE focuses on strengthening institutional capacity to address human rights and raising awareness for human rights among civil society.
  7. Media freedom and development: The OSCE facilitates discussion on media reform in Kazakhstan and trains journalists on issues of security and ethics.
  8. Military reform and co-operation: The OSCE promotes regional military co-operation and seeks to eliminate excessive arms in Kazakhstan.
  9. Policing: The OSCE provides advice and support to promote best-practices for law enforcement in Kazakhstan, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to counter regional barriers to security while ensuring respect for human rights according to international standards.
  10. Rule of law: The OSCE promotes ongoing discussions between state officials and civil society regarding justice implementation, in addition to providing expertise on legislative reform.