OSCE Centre in Ashgabat

The OSCE Centre in Ashgabat works primarily with security issues in Turkmenistan. Headed by Ambassador Ivo Petrov, the Centre works with:

  1. Arms control: The OSCE helps Turkmenistan manage its arms through improving storage techniques, eliminating weapons surpluses, and facilitating discussion on eliminating arms trafficking.
  2. Border management: The Centre conducts specialized trainings to bolster Turkmenistan’s borders and improve the capacity of border patrollers to identify and prevent transnational crime.
  3. Combating human trafficking: The OSCE provides trainings and seminars to better equip institutions in Turkmenistan to combat human trafficking.
  4. Economic activities: The OSCE’s economic work in Turkmenistan focuses on developing the nation’s energy industry in a sustainable and stable manner. To do so, the Centre supports transnational workshops on energy diplomacy among energy companies, developers, policy makers, and financial institutions.
  5. Elections: The Centre in Ashgabat provides legislative expertise to align Turkmenistan’s voting regulation and procedures with international democratic standards.
  6. Environmental activities: The OSCE conducts extensive advocacy work in Turkmenistan to raise awareness of important environmental issues facing the country. Additionally, the Centre supports technological innovations to better monitor the nation’s water resource management.
  7. Gender equality: The OSCE seeks to raise awareness of issues facing women in Turkmenistan, such as discrimination and domestic violence. The Centre also conducts seminars to promote equal treatment of women under law.
  8. Good governance: The Centre targets corruption in Turkmenistan by conducting trainings and seminars for public officials.
  9. Human rights: The OSCE organizes conferences, seminars, and trainings to inform legislative and law enforcement institutions on international human rights standards and to better equip these organizations to identify and combat human rights violations in Turkmenistan.
  10. Media freedom and development: The Centre seeks to reform and update Turkmenistan’s media system, conducting trainings for journalists and students on modern reporting tools and techniques.
  11. Rule of law: The OSCE supports legal reform and modernization of Turkmenistan’s justice system.