OSCE Centre in Bishkek

The OSCE Centre in Bishkek, headed by Ambassador Sergey Kapinos, works on the following issues in Kyrgyzstan:

  1. Border management: The OSCE monitors a system of early warning mechanisms along Kyrgyzstan’s border to mitigate heightened tensions to prevent escalation to violence. The Centre also support efforts to more effectively demarcate disputed borders.
  2. Combating human trafficking: The OSCE works between decision making, law enforcement, and civil society institutions to raise awareness of human trafficking and to improve the nation’s capacity to identify and combat human trafficking. The Centre also provides support for victims of human trafficking.
  3. Combating terrorism: The Centre supports Kyrgyzstan’s state institutions in their efforts to eliminate the spread of weapons and funding to terrorist organizations and bolster borders to prevent transnational terrorist movement.
  4. Conflict prevention and resolution: The OSCE works to reduce ongoing tensions in the southern regions of Kyrgyzstan that were most affected by the 2010 clashes.
  5. Democratization: The Centre seeks to facilitate communication between the government and civil society to improve accountability and representation.
  6. Economic activities: The OSCE helps monitor Kyrgyzstan’s economy for money laundering to transnational criminal and terrorist organizations.
  7. Education: The Centre supports the OSCE Academy in Bishkek, an institution of advanced education that provides masters programs centered on security in Central Asia.
  8. Elections: The OSCE supports efforts to improve transparency in Kyrgyzstan’s electoral process, including training election commissions, educating citizens on voter rights, observing elections, and improving public access to polls.
  9. Environmental activities: The OSCE mitigates the relationship between mining companies and communities and assists in water resource management. The Centre also promotes educational forums to raise awareness for environmental issues facing Kyrgyzstan.
  10. Gender equality: The Centre seeks to promote women’s participation and men’s involvement in promoting gender equality through active engagement with communities.
  11. Good governance: The OSCE works substantially with decision-making bodies to facilitate reform and accountability, and helps incorporate impact assessments into the policy-making process.
  12. Human rights: The Centre supports the involvement of independent human rights groups and civil society groups to monitor freedom and independence in Kyrgyzstan.
  13. Policing: The OSCE has helped introduce and transition Kyrgyzstan to community-based policing principles, to ultimately develop a trustworthy and effective law enforcement body.
  14. Rule of law: The Centre seeks to facilitate reform in Kyrgyzstan’s justice institutions through monitoring, evaluation, and providing ethics training and legislative expertise.