Four regions of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is divided into 11 administrative units, but consists of four broad regions:

  • Sughd (formerly Leninabod Province) is in the northern salient. It forms part of the Fergana Valley, and is connected to the rest of the country by a mountain pass open only in the summer months. The main city is Khujand, Tajikistan's second largest city.
  • Khotlon Province is in southwestern Tajikistan. Until recently, this region comprised two provinces, Kulob and Qurghonteppa, which have now been merged.
  • The region of the Pamir Mountains in eastern Tajikistan is commonly known as Mountainous (or Gorny in Russian) Badakhshan. It constitutes an autonomous political unit called the Pamiri Republic of Badakhshan.
  • The remaining central western parts of Tajikistan, including the capital, are directly subordinate to the central government.