The Caucasus region borders Europe and Asia and is comprised of the Greater Caucasus, the Lowland Strips, and the Lesser Caucasus.

Greater Caucasus

The Caucasus region is dominated by the massive Caucasus mountain range. This range, the crest of which roughly follows the line that divides the Northern Caucasus from the Southern Caucasus, is sometimes called the main or Greater Caucasus range to distinguish it from another range further south called the Lesser Caucasus.

Lowland Strips

A narrow strip of lowland, at places barely half a mile wide, separates the Greater Caucasus from the Black Sea on the western side, in Abkhazia and the Krasnodar Territory. A somewhat wider strip lies between the Greater Caucasus and the Caspian Sea on the eastern side, in southern Daghestan and northern Azerbaijan.

Lesser Caucasus

The Lesser Caucasus runs across the southern Caucasus, eastward through southern Georgia and then southeastward through northern Armenia and western Azerbaijan, including Nagorno-Karabakh. Between the two ranges lie the marshy lowlands of western Georgia (on the western side) and of southeastern Azerbaijan(on the eastern side). The Greater and the Lesser Caucasus meet in the middle, in eastern Georgia.