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Area 11,500 square miles (not counting Armenian-occupied territories in southwestern Azerbaijan)
Natural resources Its water system is dominated by Lake Sevan, the biggest lake in the Caucasus. Armenia is poor in natural resources, though there are some gold,c opper, and other metal deposits.
Climate Dry continental climate and high mountainous terrain
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Population 3.064 million (2013 est.) The population has been dropping due to emigration, employment out of the country, and a low birth rate.
Ethnic groups Armenian 95%. Before the Karabakh conflict: Many Armenians lived in Azerbaijan. They are now refugees, mainly in Armenia and Russia. Many Azerbaijanis lived in the Zangezur region of southern Armenia. They are now refugees in Azerbaijan.
Religions Mostly Armenian Apostolic Christian
Languages Armenian


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Capital Yerevan
Type Republic. Formerly part of the USSR.
System of government Presidential democracy
Head of state Serzh Sargsyan
Currency Dram